Each week is a one hour session that includes talk guidance, chakra focused remote reiki treatment, energy cleansing & guidance, oracle card support for self-led mid-week focus & assignments to assist in the release & healing of hindered or outgrown destructive cycles.


Week 1 - Consultation - Get to know you An intuitive energy flow review & guidance includes discussion of physical ailments with resolutions to move through the surfaced blockages, & creation of your manifestation book


Week 2 – Root ChakraStart at the Beginning : Understand & release both conscious & unconscious generational trauma focusing on cellular mother line ripples, as a review of personal obligation & a discussion of which pressures are yours to resolve, & which are imposed by others around you.


Week 3 – Sacral ChakraGrow from Within : Unblock your core self, bring your orientations into focus, specifically around Sexuality, Gender Identity & Relationship Orientation; Together we will remove blocks from childhood & intimate traumas & criticisms that affect current creativity, sensuality & inner desires.

Week 4 – Solar Plexus ChakraStrengthen the Foundation : Selfish isn’t a bad word. Find your inner strength & understand your soul’s needs. Learn how to listen & understand how helping yourself should be your top priority. 


Week 5 – Heart ChakraLove Yourself More : Often we seek the connection from others & expression of love from them to validate our efforts in our self-discovery journey. Find your appreciation for your uniqueness & implore others to see you as the gift that you are.


Week 6 – Throat ChakraLet It Shine : Listen, hear, think & speak up. Figure out your truth & how to find balance & compromise. The journey isn’t about getting other to hear you. It’s about hearing & understanding yourself.


Week 7 – Third Eye ChakraOpen the Lotus : See beyond perception. Over the years, this third vision becomes blurred & that creates doubt, forgetting that your insight is sight.  


Week 8 – Crown ChakraDance in the Sky : Open your energy flow to Source & learn how to aim your light above to reach your Highest Good & assist in completing your Soul’s path.


Week 9 – Conclusion - Renewed Flow : Tap into the clarity from above & around you & wash it down & through from Crown to Root. Nourish your newly discovered flow & cleanse each area with universal white light. Connect to the earth with whole intention& create an ever-connected circuit for your newly discovered self.

This program is a minimum of 10 hours of individualized life coaching with Master Khrys Exposito, set in nine weekly sessions at the same time and day each week. Sessions can be done on line via Zoom or in person at the office in Blended in Bath, Pennsylvania. 

The total cost is $500 for the entire life coaching program. $100 deposit is required and you will complete the First Week's session with Khrys. Once that is completed and you know the plan, you will owe the balance of $400 for the remaining 8 weeks to complete the Realignment. Deposit is non-refundable.


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