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Healthy Relationships with Polyamory

  • Polyamory is a relationship orientation. Some people are born with a poly-oriented ability, and some are more for monogamy. Neither is right or wrong, but they do have many values that are similar between the two, and many concepts that are different. Polyamory can be open to multiple sexual parter,s or even intimate non-sexual commitments, and require a different level of communication and trust that many monogamous relationships dismiss and take for granted. In this class, Khrys will discuss the different terms, dynamic options and go deeper into the values and concepts of creating a healthy relationship within Polyamory.



Understanding Chakra Energy Flow

  • Chakras are energy clusters or wheels of flowing energy in our bodies. They correspond around certain nerve bundles and major organs in our bodies and strengthen during growth and development from conception to mid-age. Unfortunately, trauma can occur during development that can slow down, sludge or halt the energy flow movement and this results is unknowing frustration, limitation, hinderance or even manifestations of pain in our body. 
    In this lecture, you’ll learn about the seven chakras, when they are developed and how they are affected by our environment. Khrys will also provide understanding on how to heal, realign or even reboot these energy centers to get you going on the right track again.


Pagan Family Holiday Traditions

  • With nearly 30 years of family oriented Pagan holidays following the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, Khrys will share how you do not have to give up fun songs, crafts, food and memory making traditions when you chose a religious belief that is less than American traditional. They will share personal stories, recipes, crafting and folklore to share with family of all ages for each holiday on the Wheel of the Year.


Sexual Identity & Gender Identification

  • Sexual orientation describes the relationship and attraction you have to others, but gender identification is the relationship you have with yourself. Gender is who you are, regardless of others. In this class, we’ll review different sexual orientations along the spectrum of sexual attraction as well as the variety of genders that we are opening to understanding in our current society. You’ll learn to define your own experience as well as relate to others who may not share the same story. We’ll discuss a variety of subjects within the LGBTQIA+ community and even more, learn about pronouns and the importance of honoring and mastering the “They” pronoun for many gender non-conforming folx.


Witnessing and Honoring Consent

  • As a member of community, you have a responsibility to protect it. Consent begins when you first meet a person. From learning their name and pronouns to greeting them with a hug or a hand shake. How do you teach others to request and honor consent? Communication is not only inquiring but also listening and observing body responses. How do you approach someone who has touched another without consent? What do you do if you witness someone tampering with an unattended drink in public? How do you know when someone is being abused or harmed or their consent has been violated without them specifically telling you. In this lecture, you’ll learn about consent and how to help support others in honoring their boundaries.


Understanding the Parent Line & Transgenerational Trauma

  • While in utero, our mother provides us with our first food and nourishment, she also unknowingly passes us her cellular trauma past onto her from generations before and her own journey. Our father’s spark adds a different component to our development, disconnected but still the catalyst for our existence, his journey molds us. In this lecture, we’ll discuss how the journey of our biological parents shifts our cells more than just our genetic make up to triggers, responses and personality limitations without our knowledge. Through meditation, awareness & reiki, you can heal your gifted trauma response as well as send ripples through time to help them heal as well.


Living Authentically

  • On the search for healing and clarity, I found myself. My real genuine self. The person who has always lived in my heart from youth and through development. The person who was pushed aside, shamed, guilted, or made unimportant by the pressures and pressing needs of a harsh adult world. Living Authentically isn’t a path for the weak. It means understanding your scars, your marks and wounds. The harm you’ve done to others. It means owning your Real Genuine self and knowing that reflection can change as you are still drawing it. Living Authentically is honest, clear, aware, & always striving. In this discussion, you’ll learn about the personal journey that Khrys has walked and get inspired by this survivors tale, and reflect on your own existence and find ways to pave your authenticity without compromise.


Healing Trauma with BDSM

  • Trauma given to us by others sits in our body. We do our therapy and we release the burden, but how do you get it out of your body? How do you move through the trauma physically to get through to the other side of these limitations and feel free? Many people have found their deep shadow work and processing of trauma heals well through BDSM. Both in action, as well as, in simply finding an accepting community practicing deep trust, and respect with a known consideration of consent. In this lecture, Khrys discusses how trauma resides in our bodies and how stuck trauma can cause some illnesses or physical dysfunctions. We’ll discuss some various BDSM practices and personal experiences in releasing the frustration that sits inside us all.


When You Find Yourself in Hell, Keep Walking

  • There are times in our life when we look around and wonder how we got here. Try to learn where we took a wrong turn, figure out how to get out of the corner we’ve painted ourselves into. The facts are that sometimes the lessons are nearly too hard to bare. But, here we stand, looking to the sky and begging for understanding. There are times when we find ourselves in the middle of hell and it is here that we find the strength to keep going. You can’t go back to where you came from, nor would you want to. And you are afraid of the consequences of where you are standing still right now. It’s painful and uncomfortable. So, we must keep going. Sit with Khrys for inspirational stories and guidance and motivation to pull up those roots and say Fuck It to all that paralyzes you.


Easing the Empath in Quarantine

  • Quarantine and the stress created by it have affected the Empath is ways that no one ever imagined. Insomnia, delusion, unexplained pain. That is because the collective waves of fear run through us differently than we have been accustomed to. Khrys will explain why empaths are so open to feeling more and how quarantine has altered how we relate to ourselves and others. Plus, in this class, you’ll learn positive meditation techniques, physical rooting and healthy purging of tension plus ways to identify if the stress is yours or a result of those around you.


Non-Sexual Loving Domination

  • Books, movies and adult sex shops will lead you to believe that BDSM and Dom/sub relationships are all about sex and domination in the bedroom ordering one person to behave as the other controls the action, but true healthy loving power exchange can and should involved consented upon non-sexual domination. Kinky fun without bondage, from both submissive and dominant point of view. This class talks about D/s dynamics and provides many ways for you to bring your kinky “50-Shades” style OUT of the bedroom.


Sensual Chakra Energy Exchange

  • Energetic Sensual & Sexual Contact – what is it, how to do it & what’s so amazing about it. Beyond tantric. Khrys has been practicing for decades and is an energy work personally and professionally and weaves it into her sexual relationships


Love Others by Loving Yourself First

  • Self-love is an important aspect of love that many of us were not taught. We were raised to see our value and worth through the needs and perception of others, but imagine how well you could love those others if you were loved wholly as you are right now. The way that we love others best is actually by loving ourselves first. But teaching others how to respect our boundaries, and to allow others to love as they are able to. In this class, we’ll discuss the differences between lust and infatuation versus love and commitment. We will utilize concepts such as compersion, manipulative speech and empowerment to determine that selfish isn’t a bad word and it’s time for us to relearn that we are full of love and worthy of all that we would like to receive.


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