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Understanding Ourselves

  • Breaking the Over-Parenting Dysfunction

  • Living Authentically  & Unapologetically

  • The Power of Intention - Learning the power of your words and thoughts

  • Understanding Cellular Memory

  • What release really looks like. Where's my field of flowers in this deep work

  • Easing the Empath in a work environment

  • Making yourself a priority & giving space for others to understand

  • Proclaiming That's Not Mine without Guilt

  • Understanding Chakra Energy Flow

  • Understanding manipulative speech

  • The Power of Looking Up & the Insight from Looking Down (up to the sky for elevated thought & present, humble and grounded looking down)

  • Healing your scars from the inside out

  • Let Go. Let's Grow, and Go with the Flow.

  • Mother Line & Father Spark - Understanding the parent line and transgenerational trauma

  • When You find yourself in hell, keep walking

  • Walking the Warrior Journey Path on your own

  • Beautiful Bodies: Loving the Skin You're In

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