THE INTENSIVE SUPPORT DAILY LIFE COACHING PROGRAM is designed to help you confront even the most challenging times you may be facing. Your battle may be any mountain or goal you are facing. Marriage, divorce, new business venture, or coming out as queer to a partner or to the world. Maybe you are just having a hard time getting some changes under way or you feel unsupported or alone in this new fight you are up against.

This program is a 30-day DAILY support program. This program provides you with daily guidance & advice, as well as tasks, deadlines, goals, accountability & emotional support.

You will have scheduled daily 30-minute check-in coaching sessions, hour long  weekly reflection life coaching sessions for four consecutive weeks, with assigned tasks to assist you to meet your end needs, as well as meditation/relaxation, energy flow cleansing & PLUS 24/7 online texting support for the entire 30 day period.

This program is like having Khrys in your back pocket, in your corner and on your side for an entire month. It will be life changing!


  • Thirty (30) consecutive daily 30-minutes online or phone call Check-In Sessions with Khrys

  • Four (4) weekly one-hour life coaching talk therapy processing sessions with Chakra Energy Flow Cleansing and Reconnection 

  • Personalized meditation/relaxation recording for evening replay and goal affirmation

  • Weekly Oracle Card with exercises, practice & mediation suggestion

  • 24/7 online text support via WhatsApp for crisis or conflict support

  • Assignments, goals, homework, or tasks to assist meeting your personalized goal

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