The Learn & Understand the Tarot program is a minimum of 12 hours of training & guidance with one-on-one teaching from Khrys, an expert with over 25 years experience. This program has been taught in person for over 10 years. 


Khrys has written workbooks and reference materials that will be provided during the course of the program.

Unlike pre-recording lessons, this program is person. You will meet in person or via Zoom for SIX 2-hour classes. Since these are one-on-one classes, they can be scheduled to meet fit into your life.

There will be lecture, storytelling, instruction, hands-on application and the reference materials will be yours to print and use for private reference and use after the program is complete.



  • How to pick, charge, & cleanse the right deck

  • Understanding the basics in layouts

  • Understanding intention & manifestation

  • Discussion about the power of the query

  • and the Cautionary discussion about planting seeds



  • Review of the Major Arcana portion of the Tarot

  • Storytelling - The Journey of the Fool

  • Individual review of application of all 22 cards in the Major Arcana

  • Review of reference material provided


  • Review of the Minor Arcana (part one)

  • Understanding of all four Suits and how they relate to the elements

  • Understanding of the Numbers Series Ace through Ten

  • Review of reference material provided


  • Review of the Minor Arcana (part two)

  • Continued discussion of how the Suits and Numbers on the Minor Arcana show you their meaning

  • Discussions about Royalty Cards in the Minor Arcana 


  • Coming to terms with Reverses

  • Applying Reverses to both Major and Minor Arcana cards

  • Applying knowledge to Layouts, intention & questioning

  • Applying your instinct to your card understanding


  • Card Review & Quizzing

  • Discussion of the Rings of Reading with Confidence

  • Coming to terms with when you are wrong & when you are right 

  • Hands-on Practice & read the teacher

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