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25 things you need to support healing your trauma

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Take a peek into my self-care cupboard of healing tools

Look, Deep Healing takes time and patience

When confronting any trauma, be it energetic, physical, or psychological, you need to allow your body to have the space and time to purge what you had previously held onto for years.

Confronting the issues is the first step, but activating the finished result isn’t the next step.

For example, once you are aware that access to your full creative spirit has been limited due to trauma or abuse, you are unable to simply will yourself to create a masterpiece. As much as you can feel it right on the tip of your tongue, you need to give your body, mind and spirit time to align. They move like the tide. Like the sun and the moon, like the planets. In their own natural cycle.

There are many steps within this path of the Warrior's Journey. You need to allow time for the physical release of the dead and damaged cells, after that, then you can settle in the calm, and finally begin the healing and rebirth. These steps are vital to healing your cellular trauma and can not be rushed.

The damaged cells need to be given the tools to rebuild your body in a healthy, kind and gentle way. If you do this deep healing work without giving the necessary support to the body, you will have a much harder time processing the release. This could lead to emotional frustration or the feeling of being stuck, or worse could lead to physical infection, stones, or pain within your body.


We release though three channels – Sweat, Tears, or Shit.

This is an oversimplification but it's a good way to remember it.

SWEAT: Allow your body to sweat through hard work, exercise, pushing physical limits and please stop wearing that aluminum antiperspirant. Go to a sauna or sweatlodge. Get yourself stinky and moist. Let the sweat roll out of your lymph nodes and skin. Then wash yourself and feel the new layer of skin glow once you dry off.

TEARS: Cry it out! Alone or with someone, in a safe group or out in the woods. Feel it, scream it, yell it. Cry from frustration. Cry from sadness. Cry from mourning. Cry from the pain. But do not hold it in, do not hold it back. Do not suck it down because you are an ugly crier. Be ugly! Five minutes of a deep deep hard cry and your mind will calm and settle like after a storm. Wash your face and make a nice cozy cup of tea. And love the feeling of being lighter.

SHIT: This is the deepest and darkest release. This is how all dead and useless cells leave our bodies. It is not just excrement though. It can also be through menstrual blood, vomit, and urine. Every bodily function that requires this movement should be seen as a beautiful release and met with a slight level of gratitude. A simple thought of “Thank gawd that is out of my body. Whew” could suffice. Once you start doing shadow work and healing the past, your organs quickly fall in line because they want to feel better too. They will work to process, push, and remove all the sediment that you have been holding onto with your fear and anxiety. The real talent is knowing that you need to support the body’s work with healthier choices and feeding the body with everything it needs to grow better healthier cells in these spaces that have been purged.


Please note that I am not telling you which product to purchase. I receive no kickback nor promo payment. This is simply a list of the things that I use daily in my personal work of reclamation on my Warrior Journey.

And please, please do your research before you do any of these, some of these items will absorb or completely negate medication! Talk to your doctor or nutritionalist. I am not either one of these.

Sometimes you’ll need to time when you take these with important medication. It is so important to do your own research; I have done mine and this is what works for me; now you have to see what works for you.


Below is a list of items that I have used in my practice and for myself for decades, many times in my sessions, I may suggest adding these items to your routine. But you don’t have to wait for me to feel your body’s need. There are more items to list, but that will be for another post.

My list below is to provide you with the “words to search” to answer the questions you may not know to ask.

Below I've listed my personal understanding and reasons why this item has made my imperative items list. For your convenience, I have also created a FREE download printable checklist for you to have with you when you go shopping or to keep at home.


1. Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is something that you must research before using. It will absorb everything in your stomach, including any medication that you are taking. But the benefits to it are that it will absorb any toxins as well, especially if you have food poisoning, loose stool due to bacteria or toxins, or too much alcohol in your system. There has been a recent surge in Activated Charcoal in food, beverages and health foods so it is important that you know what it is. It will also whiten your teeth and can remove or absorb bacteria on your skin. It is used for detox. It binds to the toxin in your GI tract and stops it from being absorbed.


2. Apple Cider Vintage with Mother

ACV is wonderful for cutting through post nasal drip congestion. It will ease a cough, especially if you make a honey garlic ginger cough syrup. It will settle a churning stomach and help lower bloat in your belly and gut. It adds the very important element of fermentation to the constitution. Be sure to get the bottle with "mother" which adds important enzymes, proteins and healthy bacteria to support a healthy gut and digestion. It can be used on your face as a toner, in your hair as a conditioner, as well as a disinfectant and great cleaner, and is also known to help manage diabetes. No kitchen is complete without this available for its many uses.


3. Bioplasma Cell Salts

Cell Salts are the often the unsung hero. They are a homeopathic remedy that does literally no harm to you. They will only ever make your life better. These cell salts are essential minerals to the body which are often depleted. Taking this Bioplasma adds the necessary minerals to your cells to aid in better water absorption. When a client tells me they drink lots of water but still feel dehydrated or they pee often, that tells me they are flushing through the water rather than absorbing it. These cell salts resolve that and help you actually absorb the water you are drinking to get the full benefit of the carrier.


4. Calcium Bentonite Clay

I learned about this "indian healing clay" decades ago and still am finding new ways to use it. It started as a really amazing face mask. Basically, take the mud and mix it with ACV to make a paste, apply, air dry and wipe off with a warm rag. You can put it on a sprained ankle to relieve swelling, on a pimple to draw out the pain, even on a bee sting or mosquito bite. But recently, I've been using it in my armpits and sides of my neck to detoxify my lymph nodes and promote drainage. I've used it on the bottoms of my feet to draw out toxins and I've used it on my hands to help ease arthritis pain and swelling.


5. Castile Soap

castile soap

Besides cleaning your body on the inside through detox and GI tract support, taking care to not inflame your sinuses it important. Be mindful of what chemicals you are cleaning your home with and what perfumes you are putting into your body through inhalation and skin absorption. Castile Soap is my go to home cleaner. It cleans my stainless steel sink shiny, as well as my porcelain toilet. There are many scents you can chose from and it is also a great body wash, bug repellant, shampoo, makeup brush cleaner, and even laundry wash.


6. Castor Oil with Unbleached Wool Flannel

Castor oil when ingested is a powerful laxative. It can be used as a hydrating oil for your face and skin, can be used to ease healing pain from skin ulcers or sores and is often used for cleaning dentures. But I use my castor oil in a different way, to ease menstrual cramps and to ease natural movement of bile through my intestines from the outside. Get an unbleached wool flannel, these are often sold near each other in the store, and pour the castor oil onto the flannel until it is moist. Make sure it's not dripping, but rather just saturated. Put the oiled flannel on your cramping area and then place a towel or plastic wrap over top and then a heat pad. The heat will permeate the oiled cloth and ease your cramps. This is great for endometriosis pain, PCOS pain, and even kidney infections, UTI's and any stone passing pain.


7. Cranberry Capsules

We all know that you drink cranberry juice when you need urinary tract detox; but the stuff with sugar added is not recommended and the good stuff is expensive and difficult to drink the in quantity needed. My hero was the cranberry concentrate capsule. I would take 2-3 of these little buggers before bed and let them do the trick. They go to work while you are asleep and in the morning you can release, with gratitude, anything that may have been trying to lurk in your UT. Cranberry is mainly used to prevent infection, so adding it to your nightly routine will help keep everything flowing smoothly.


8. Coconut Oil

Ah, the coconut oil fad. It's everywhere right now. Even though we know I don't do fads, I will say that Coconut Oil does deserve to finally have it's time in the spotlight. Sure, I use coconut oil in my cooking to replace butter. It's great for easing constipation and given your intestines a nice lubrication for release. But i also use it as a makeup remover! It is antimicrobial, and disrupts bacterial, fungal, and viral cells. It's great for your skin if you have cracked rough skin that could get infected. Wonderful for dermal infections, dry skin sores, and cuticle pain. It can be put directly on an open wound and can also be a deep conditioner for your hair. I even give my cats a small amount at night to help them with hairballs.


9. Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)

Yup. It's dirt, kind of. It's soft siliceous sedimentary rock.

Most of you know this is what you need when you want to kill bug in your home that won't hurt your pets. There is so much more to this superfood. It is an algae mineral loaded with silica. It clears out your gut to allow for better healthy absorption. Basically, it's a safe Roto-rooter for your intestines. The way I see it is the minerals and silica scrap along the walls of your intestine dragging all the hang-about along with it. It leaves your body as it entered it and does not get absorbed. I mix a teaspoon of DE into my smoothie or protein shake and let it do it's job. You would do this not often, maybe once a month or when you are feeling sludgish or recuperating from a virus.


10. Elderberries

Get the berries for a tea, or buy a syrup. I keep mind available year round because these little suckers kick the flu virus. It's been used since as early as 400 BCE. It is an antioxidant and boosts the immune system. It is also used to ease inflammation, provide kidney support, and ease headaches. Many people make their own syrups so I would always suggest finding a local artisan to get the really good stuff.


11. Fire Cider

ACV, hot peppers, cayenne pepper, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, horseradish, herbs such a thyme, lemon balm, or tulsi, lemon, nettles, and can this not be included in my list. This immune supporting tonic burns out anything that might be trying to attack you! Ideally, find someone who makes it fresh but if you can't find someone, stores are starting to carry it finally. It aids in digestion, and personally, i use it when I have a head cold, chest cold, or sinus infection.


12. Garlic / Ginger

This is a great time to talk about WHOLE foods. It is always better to get any healing support ingredients as fresh and local as possible. If you can grate your own rather than bottled or frozen, the better it is for you. Chop up some garlic and grate some ginger, mix it with honey and ACV and you have the absolutely best most effective cough syrup ever. Steep either or both with water to sooth your sore throat. They are antibacterial and can treat respiratory issues. Candied ginger is my go to for nausea and stomach ickies and garlic is my go to for sinus infections, include earaches and toothaches.


13. Grapeseed Oil

Many people know that I do Oil Pulling. For anyone who can, I highly suggest adding this to your regiment to really bring your release to it's fullest. Oil pulling is not an easy task. It is swishing a teaspoon of oil in your mouth through your teeth and around your tongue for 20 minutes. It takes a bit to get used to it. You can use Grapeseed oil, like i do, which is light. Or sesame, sunflower, and some folks use coconut oil, which personally I do not suggest. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice and the concept is that the oil traps bacteria that hides in your teeth. Bacteria that sits in your mouth feeds the blood that goes to every organ of your body. Oil pulling has given me a clear constitution and much less painful mouth. I'm sure I will do another blog just about this.

Grapeseed oil itself is high in vitamin e and helps heal mouth sores and clear up damaged cell from free radicals. It is also a wonderful nighttime face serum. It also is good for stimulating hair growth so many people who are balding use it.


14. Heat / Ice

We use heat when we are trying to bring white blood cells to the surface. You want to fight an infection, you want to bring the army to the fight, use heat. We use ice when we are cooling down an ache, tear, or injury. Ice lowers a ticked off nerve or calms the muscle when it needs to repair. The gift with these is how to apply them while you are healing. You can get an electric heat pad, or simply sew some grain corn into fabric and microwave it to heat it up. As for ice, the grain corn can also be stored in the freezer or you can get a ziplock bag, fill it with ice and then add water to the bag. Once the ice cubes are in the water, they are insulated at 32 degrees and will not freeze your skin.


15. Honey

Besides being the medicine that helps many of these astringent or acidic remedies go down, honey is a golden beauty all its own. It is a cough suppressant and works great on kids (not for babies under 1 year). It is know for near miraculous wound and burn healing. But it is also the best thing for those who suffer from allergies. Get a honey from a local hive, take a spoonful twice a day and you will naturally build up some filters for local pollen that may be contributing to your allergies. Honey has also been used as an antidepressant, anti anxiety and to help with memory issues.


16. Kava

Kava, also called Kava Kava, is one of those suggestions that is to be used lightly and with caution. Please again, do your research. Kava is available in tea, ground root, pills, and tincture. It is used for anxiety and to calm your nerves and racing thoughts. When you use kava, please be sure you are done with your activities for the day. Take your dosage and then allow yourself to rest, and settle into the calm. Kava, unlike OTC sleep meds, is not not habit forming and it has been wonderful for folks with insomnia. As a person with c-PTSD, I have used Kava for decades for when my brain feels spiked but not truly triggered. It allows me to dull the hyper-attentiveness and gives me a feeling of cozy, comfort zen.


17. Magnesium Sulfate / Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are not made of salt. They are a combination of magnesium, sulfate, and oxygen. Magnesium is a vital mineral that modern day humans do not get enough of, and lucky for us, this mineral is absorbed through the skin. So, your epsom salt baths are actually good for your organs and our body function. If you don't have a tub, then soak your feet and hands.

When you've had a bad day, and you feel the negative energy of others sticking on your flesh, take an epsom salt bath, rinse it all away and provide healing benefits to make you feel all around better about life. That isn't just the bath doing that. Epsom salts have been used to soothe fibromyalgia through bathes and even digestion. It tastes bitter and is a laxative, but it is safe to ingest.


18. Neti Pot

Another suggestion that I give that is often met with a look of eww; but once you are able to get past the initial concerns, those who use a neti pot swear by them. In this conversation, we are looking to release what isn't serving you, and those swollen and clogged sinuses are filled with mucus that you no longer need. Using a net pot allows you to gently flow the mucus out of your body rather than swelling it and letting that bacteria through your digestive tract. Using a net can also relieve ear aches, and the saline powder moistens your nasal passages allowing for a more natural and less painful inhalation. Often, using this method can reduce snoring and give a better nights sleep.


19. Essential Oils: Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree

Essential oils are great tools to keep at your finger tips. You can inhale them, defuse them, wear them, bathe in them Essential oils provide a concentrate benefit of different herbs and flowers. Put them on my pulse points and the bottoms of your feet covered with cotton socks for a full healing benefit. Lavender: eases stress and pain, and helps sleep Eucalyptus: relieves pain, eases breathing, fights herpes simplex Tea Tree: antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti fungal. Great for acne, athletics foot, and healing properties.

*important notes: 1) do not ingest essential oils. 2) lavender and eucalyptus have been known to disrupt hormones in young boys. 3) be very cautious with essential oils on pets. again, do your research.


20. Papaya Enzymes

Dump those Tums. Papaya is so much better! These yummy slightly sweet chewable tablets give the same satisfaction and tummy support. These digestive enzymes break down food for proper digestion and absorption, and the active enzyme breaks down protein for speeder transport to your muscles. It can lowers blood sugar for diabetics and could affect those with bleeding disorders. But for everyone else, there are no side effects to this yummy chew. My kids loves the taste and appreciated the digestion assistance.


21. Pink Salt

I switched my salt from white table salt to Himalayan pink salt decades ago. White salt is mined, processed and stripped of minerals and then they add iodine back in. Pink Salt comes from evaporated ancient bodies of water and naturally contains over 80 minerals and elements. It aids in water and nutrient absorption in the body when eaten. But the salt can also be used for your skin, as a salt lamp (that will be discussed in a future blog post), in the bath, in your cough syrup & a sore throat gargle rinse.


22. Rescue Remedy

Bach flower remedies exist for a variety of emotional and mental ailments but Rescue Remedy is a five-flower ready to use combination remedy. Unlike Kava, Rescue Remedy can be used while still being active. It helps you stabilize your emotions and cope easier in times of conflict, stress, or triggers. It is excellent for panic attacks and can be used on children, adults and even animals. There is a dropper like above, but they also now how sleeping pills, sprays and candy like drops. Perfect for keeping in your purse or the car. And I always have a bottle at home.


23. Stinging Nettles

Nettles make a very functional and delicious tea. Nettles lower inflammation in your GI tract and body and reduces joint pain. It calls muscle spasms and helps clear bacterial infections such as UTIs. Loaded with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants and is loaded with iron. This herb can help arthritis, enlarged prostate, and seasonal allergies. Personally, I have used nettle tea for intestine migraines and we brew it and store it in the fridge during the summer months to replenish minerals and vitamins while sweating working outdoors.

*important note - do not drink nettle tea if you are pregnant and do not give to kids under 12.


24. White Vinegar

A good old-fashioned big ole jug of white vinegar. I do not go a single food shopping trip without getting at least one gallon. White vinegar is my home staple. I clean with it, I wash with it, I cook with it. Vinegar is antimicrobial. So it is an excellent surface cleaner. Simply put vinegar in a spray bottle diluted with with water and you are good to go. As I noted in the castile soap section, removing chemicals from your cleaning routine will benefit you greatly while you are healing. I put vinegar in my washer as a fabric softener. I wash my floors with vinegar soaked in citrus rinds.


25. Wooden Matches

No list about release through sweat, tears and shit is complete without the mention of the need for wooden matches. There is no need for bathroom sprays, simply light a match or two and blow it or shake it out. The sulphur smoke will nearly immediately absorb any odor you wish to not share with others. Matches are also great for getting those fungus gnats to leave your plants soil and will add essential nutrients to the soil.


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