You can be driving to work, making a meal for your family or just going along on your routine and still receive Tarot Guidance every week. If you subscribe for Weekly Wisdom, Master Khrys will put a tarot card for you specifically each Monday morning. You will receive a voice clip recording of the reading telling you about the week to come and giving you guidance through it. Each recording is between 2-5 minutes long and can be either texted or emailed to you. Recordings are sent each Monday before 2pm.

The Fine Print: Subscription below will trigger a PayPal invoice from Once the invoice is paid, you will receive your first Weekly Wisdom on the following Monday. In the event that you subscribe mid-month, your invoice will be pro-rated at a rate of $5 per week remaining within that active month. Each month after subscription signup, you will be billed $20.00 on the 26th of the month for the upcoming month. Payment of the invoice will continue subscription. Non-payment will halt subscription. You may cancel anytime by contacting Khrys via email or simply not paying the upcoming month's invoice. There will be no refunds for paid PayPal invoices.

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