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Supporting Queer, Gender Non-Conforming, Kink, Neurodivergent,
Polyamorous, as well as Trauma Recovering Folk




Talk through your life experiences & choices in a space without judgement.

Identify which anxiety points or limitations were given to you by your parents; and learn how to give it back down the ancestral line.

Learn how to "let that shit go" through a variety of lifestyle changes and homework exercises.


Learn how to embrace the differences in your relationships and how to love with honor and live your days with intention.

Come away from socially accepted tenets of love such as jealousy, possessiveness and infatuation and learn to communicate and grow within your partnerships.

Embrace healthy boundaries, compersion, and accountability.



You could explore some intriguing aspect of a more kinky lifestyle, or to dig into a deeper understanding of the queer identity, or find your center through learning meditation. 

Khrys offers a variety of unique workshops and lectures to guide you through a variety of new personal explorations.

Meet Master Khrys

Khrys has been empathically guiding through divination for nearly 30 years. They received their first life coaching certification in 2014 from IAW. They graduated from Dharmic Business School from Life Force Academy in 2020 and received several certifications from Transformation Academy. They have spent decades studying how trauma affects chakra energy flow creating physical and psychological imbalances blocking one's awareness of their greatest potential. 

Khrys utilizes their Usui Reiki II attunement in all sessions to feel blocks, limitations, and pain within your body to help bring to surface things that may need to be discussed. Khrys has gathered spiritual, scientific, and yesteryear wisdom to assist in relearning what your body needs. Together, we will release pain, sickness and discomfort. You will learn how to move subconcious thought into being, how to listen to your organs and feel when your body needs something. A well running body gives you the freedom to explore and create in spirit and mind.


Khrys believes that we are all whole within ourselves. Their guidance in more about learning how to love with honor, how to live with intention, and how to let the fire in your belly warm you to transform yourself into your truest form.


Work with Khrys and begin Living your Truth from day one.



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