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Glossary in Khrys' Words

Spiritual Wellbeing

There are three levels to our overall health and wellbeing. There is physical, emotional, and spiritual. We know that physical wellbeing is maintained by healthy eating, exercise, and sleep and when we have a concern, we go to a doctor. Emotional wellbeing is maintained through balancing our stresses, finding companionship, and working on our psychological health; when we have a concern, we go to a therapist. The third is spiritual wellbeing. Many people find balance with their spiritual needs through various forms of worship, or going to church, or connecting with nature. We seek guidance when our spiritual wellbeing is off kilter. We meditate or seek spiritual connection. The work that I do is to help you heal within your spiritual wellbeing. Together we work on healing trauma that is hindering you from finding balance and from connecting with your body and mind. You know what you want to become. You feel it in your being that you know that your authentic self is right down that path. My work helps to guide you down that path. My calling to help you find your authentic self.

Chakra Healing

Chakras are energy sources located within every living thing. Humans, animals, even plants. You’ve often seen these depicted as a rainbow with two tones for blue. You may have seen them depicted at your yoga studio, or tattoo shop. You have seen them depicted online or even when folks are talking about their third eye or simply saying “ohm” in meditation. For people, there are seven main energy sources that develop in the body. These sources spin like a soft whirlpool in a stream. They aren’t a physical thing inside your body but rather the way spiritual energy flows through your body, This energy flow is like a river that connects you to the earth and up into the sky. Like a beam of light. Chakras are developed and matured during different ages of our life. In a perfect world, each stage of development would be completed with stressors and lessons that don’t cause scars or trauma in the body; but sadly, that is rarely the case.

Cellular Trauma

Trauma during certain times of our life can shift the flow of the energy in our body. Events or trauma that stays with us as we age is called cellular trauma. Some traumas can cause spiritual awakening or awareness and other trauma can cause detriment or dysfunction. As we age in our body, the traumatized cells mirror as they regenerate, and often reveal themselves to us through physical or psychological manifestations. For example, a person may come to me who has PCOS. This person has seen a doctor to medicate the physical discomfort and sees a therapist for the psychology and hormonal changes. But this person doesn’t understand why they don’t feel like launching into a new career or why they can’t seem to put positive energy into their sex life, even though they want to. In my work, we would discuss how trauma that occurred between the ages of 5-10 years old would create an energy flow issue in the second Sacral chakra. We would talk through the trauma that occurred while in a safe reiki healing session. I would help move the energy in a better direction while in session and then guide this person is how to aid in the healing process through color therapy, mediation, mudra hand positioning, or healthy eating, fluids, or sleep schedule.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief. This healing practice is over 100 years old and recently has become used in hospitals, hospices and compliments a variety of healing treatments and pain management. There are levels of mastery for reiki healers. My level of study and mastery allows me to send this energetic relaxation healing therapy through time and over distance. My healing channel and hands are always working while we are in session over Zoom. Many clients feel calm or settled while in session and report a shift in pain for hours, days, and eventually permanently after multiple sessions.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is the term often used to describe the deeper spiritual work we need to do in order to witness our lotus growth. The shadow is the aspects of our personality and upbringing that we feel is natural. It might be generational programming, social dynamics, relationship with money, or conflicts in the roles of gender. Shadow work is the stuff that we often dismiss in traditional therapy and spiritual studies in an aim to focus on the light and shiny things. The things that make us feel good and light. Shadow work is the stuff that holds us down. It’s the aspects of us that no one sees but we know are there in our inner dialogue, self-esteem and believe of self-worth and value. I can help you look into those darker places to really clean out the aspects that keep us feeling stuck or on repeat in our life.

Alternative Lifestyle

I will work with anyone who is called to work with me. My work creates a safe, non-judgement space for open discussion within communities of folks who often contend with daily shame, scrutiny or fear of social and legal ramifications. The communities that I support are: •Queer or LGBTQIA+ community strongly supporting gender non-conforming and transgender folks, but also aiding in the personal discover of outlying queer folks who don’t fit into the traditional homosexual vs heterosexual discussion •Kinky or BDSM community Consenting adults in the BDSM lifestyle often find they are spending their time with professionals teaching rather than doing the work they want to. I focus on creating a shame free conversation for all who are kinky to get through the Vanilla-world’s need to understand and really work on that person’s authentic living goals. •Polyamory community I have been an active polyamorous person for over 25 years. I love working with other polyamorous people either solo, coupled, or the entire pod. I can help teach those who are new to the community in mediation and communication, or help the solo person explore this relationship dynamic. •Sex Work community Consenting adults in the professional sex working field need support and guidance; but often face potential trauma every day while working in a world that glorifies them in the same breath that it villainizes them. My space is a place to be honest, truthful and to focus on your growth rather than others while speaking directly about your income source without retribution.

Authentic Living

Khrys' background

Khrys' training

There is no set cookie cutter program for how to honor and support becoming who you wish to be. I’ve studied cellular trauma, ptsd, and chakra healing for decades. Unburdening the obligations put on us by prior generations, decades of war and battles, and survival mode have us all reacting against an enemy that we don’t see or know. Working together, we can change your anger to motivation, your frustration to creation, and your silence to song.

My story of how I got here is long and complicated. I often bring my background and experiences into my session. My background is beyond my studies. I’ve lived it. I am a domestic abuse survivor, a parent in mourning, a neuro-divergent person with complex ptsd for over 25 years. I am the facilitator of a local gender non-conforming support group and on the advisor board for PA Trans Equity Project. I live an active polyamorous and active kinky lifestyle and am a proud and highly trained dom. I’ve raised a family. I’ve had a corporate career. I’ve survived depression as well as worked for nearly 20 years on my own shadow work and cellular trauma. The change in me is noticeable over the past decade and I would love to share what I’ve learned on my journey to authenticity and empowerment with you.

I have two life coaching certifications; one business certification and I am Reiki level 2 healer. Transformation Academy, Imagine a Woman Empowerment, and Dharma Business School. I went to college for Mathematics and ran my own retail business as well as having a locally establish spiritual tarot business. I was hired by private parties as well as companies for events. I am also a certified corporate project manager and process resolution root cause analyst. My journey began as a teenager looking to find a way to calm my overactive mind at night and get a deep sleep. It started with self-hypnosis class that led me to meditation and crystal work, settling in on my first love, reading the tarot. I’ve been reading tarot professional for over 30 years and through the decades explored and evolved. I was a community and staff member of an annual spiritual gathering for 20 years focusing on feminine divine healing, as well as Lakota traditions, exploration of different forms of meditation, spiritual alignment, and community building. I have participated and facilitated my local chapter of The Red Tent. In this time of my life, I learned from many wise folks to connect to and understand chakras and these wise folks also taught me a variety of ways of approaching the same spiritual healing desire. Eventually, I found personal studies about how chakra misalignment can cause psychological and physical ailments and I found my passion. I studied this not to heal others, but rather to heal myself. Nearly 20 years ago, I was traumatized by losing my child and no healer or medication, nor doctor, could resolve what I felt in my body and soul. I could not find a healer like me, so I became my own healer. Now I am a advisory board member for PA Trans Equity Project, facilitate a gender nonconforming support group, host local polyamory dinners and gatherings, and teach and guide doms and submissives in safe consensual kinky lifestyles. In my quest, I discovered unique ways to heal myself. In my training, I learned how to take all the knowledge I gathered and provide it to you as an aid in your own journey to self-discovery.

What to expect at your First Session

Our first session, I will ask you to come to our Zoom meeting with an unused notebook. On the first page, please write three things you hope to accomplish or focus on in our sessions. Most sessions simply begin with conversation. The first half of the sessions, you will have an opportunity to talk to me about whatever comes to the surface. What may feel like two people chatting is actually our healing session in action. We can chat about what has been going on, or why you decided to work with me. We can talk about your healing work, your frustrations, or the changes in your life. But know that as soon as our session begins, l am using reiki healing. I can connect with your energy flow while we are in session. While we are chatting, I can feel how the energy flows within you. I can feel where the sparks may be stuck, or I may feel a physical pain that you are experiencing. Many times, I’m able to use my gifts to move, calm, or focus your energy to help surface the most beneficial conversation. As you talk, I will make notes of feelings, readings, or connections I have felt with my energy reading. And in the last half of the session, I will review our discussion and help illuminate areas that you can work on. I will explain what I have felt in your energy flow as well as areas that may be blocks, trauma, or unknown issues. Within that part of the session, you’ll take notes on ways to remove those blocks, my guidance on how to get past what is in front of you and teachings on lost or old knowledge about true balance within our body and soul. You will be given “homework” on things to do to remove those blocks or heal the scars and after that, the responsibility falls on you. Following my guidance will help you walk that path to authenticity but the speed in while you walk it is up to you. Depending on the type of session you have chosen, you may get an oracle card reading and meditation guidance for the week. Deep Dive clients are given a spiritual oracle care reading to move them through the week into deeper understanding between sessions. Polyamory clients are given tasks of communication practice with their partners which are expected to be completed before the next session. Single one-off sessions are given suggestions on best practices for self-guidance. In all sessions, expect a combination of direct talk from me, often calling you out of destructive choices, understanding and kindness shown through my personal life reflection and a variety of ways to gather and understand the energy flow withing you. We discuss many lost understandings on how the physical body functions, such as how to create natural melatonin, how to boost serotonin and even discussions on how to heal the gut for better release of all the stuff you’ve been holding on to. We may discuss your relationship with your parents or your family history. We may discuss the hard things that you’ve faced and lived through in your life. We will discuss the conflict and silent communication between body and soul, and I will often bring up the aspects of your background that make you unsettled, but it is all for the greater good of “Letting that Shit Go” and growing!

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